Atlantic Workshop: July 2017 Update

Before you proceed into this blog, let me mention that i haven’t returned working on the Wyoming project. I know it may look that way because i am working on assets that fit the theme of that mod but the truth is i am just trying to learn random stuff and skills. The use of the Wyoming worldspace is just because I am just messing around in it’s empty world. Its more convenient to use that than loading bethesda’s vanilla Boston.

So let’s get started!

Over the past few weeks i’ve been slowly trying to get back into modding.

It all started with with me trying to create custom textures and collision for a yurt made by Falkbeard for project Wyoming. This model was always finding ways of being problematic throughout the mod’s development, so i thought that starting work with it would either be my final exit from modding or a good way to get back into modding.

Fortunately, or unfortunately (depends on where you stand); i did manage to make some progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The textures are still pretty much horseshit but it’s an improvement. Definitely on the right track. Unfortunately in order to reach a stage where i will be happy with it, i will have to re-uvw map it which is unlikely. Yet this model got me into texture editing, which will surely come in handy in the future.

By the way did you notice the cacti? That’s from Vurt’s Wasteland Flora Overhaul mod from Fallout New Vegas because what better way than to finish the textures of the yurt by starting work on something else entirely? Well, at some point i thought i’d try importing Vurt’s mod into Fallout 4. I got the cacti into the fallout 4, but after i noticed how many models i would have to convert i kinda gave up (for the time being at least).

Then, me being the monster of decision making that i am, decided to import another mod from Fallout New Vegas altogether and so i started work on bringing into Fallout 4 Trickyvein’s Sandcrete Architecture pack. Even though it’s a huge task, i’ve made quite some progress.

As i am writing this, i have only finished the external pieces of the set and i still have to do the internal ones. I used vanilla Fallout 4 textures to replace the ones used by Trickyvein since most of them where vanilla FNV textures, in some pieces the textures work perfectly, in others not so much (clipping issues, not tiling right with other pieces etc.). Additionally, a couple of textures will have to be remade from scratch since they are very specific and there’s nothing similar in Fallout 4 repository of textures. That may prove to be an obstacle as texture making is not really my thing.

Oh, did i also mention that i also imported into Fallout 4 some stuff from TrickyVein’s Dry Canyon mod?

Rope Bridge Pieces
A Tent!

Importing all those assets was a real learning experience, not only did i learn some things about meshes and 3d models, but also about texturing (diffuse, normal and specular maps) as well as messing with alpha opacity in nifskope. Cool!

Having done all that, and having had my first experience of texturing and re-texturing objects, i thought to myself why not try an armor piece now?

So i re-textured a helmet worn by the pack in the Nuka World Dlc, turned out better than i hoped!

Last but most definitely not least, something came over me and i also decided to give a go at 3d model design.

Honestly, i’ve tried creating 3d models once or twice before by making a crappy sword or a crappy axe by following crappy youtube tutorials but i never finished those projects and never managed to get into 3d modelling. However, this time it was different. Without any tutorials, all by myself by pushing buttons to see what they do and generally messing around through constant trial and error, i got something made. Sort of, haven’t finished it yet. It is something that i am proud of though and something that i feel inclined to work more on. My own crappy yurt!

That’s all for now. My priority now is to finish the stuff i have already started, most importantly my own yurt and importing Trickyvein’s Sandcrete architecture pack. Once those are done who knows what’s next?

Thanks for reading, see you on the next one!


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